Flight Delay API

This endpoint will allow you to retrieve the delay from a flight.
Also, this endpoint will provide you with the SCHEDULED boarding, departure, landing and arrival times. And, as well, you will be receiving the ACTUAL boarding, departure, landing and arrival times.

Example API Request:

https://app.goflightlabs.com/flight_delays? access_key=YOUR_ACCESS_KEY&delay=60&type=departures
Test endpoint

HTTP GET Request Parameters:

Parameter Description
access_key required Your API access key, which can be found in your account dashboard
delay required Minimum delay time required (in minutes)
type required Type of flights - departures or arrivals
arr_iata optional Arrival airport IATA code filter
arr_icao optional Arrival airport ICAO code filter
dep_iata optional Departure airport IATA code filter
dep_icao optional Departure airport ICAO code filter
airline_iata optional Airline IATA code filter
airline_icao optional Airline ICAO code filter
flight_iata optional Flight IATA code-number filter
flight_icao optional Flight ICAO code-number filter
flight_number optional Flight number filter

Example API Response:

            "status": 200,
            "success": true,
            "data": [
                    "airline_iata": "CZ",
                    "airline_icao": "CSN",
                    "flight_iata": "CZ6890",
                    "flight_icao": "CSN6890",
                    "flight_number": "6890",
                    "dep_iata": "CSX",
                    "dep_icao": "ZGHA",
                    "dep_terminal": "2",
                    "dep_gate": null,
                    "dep_time": "2024-03-15 19:10",
                    "dep_time_utc": "2024-03-15 11:10",
                    "dep_estimated": "2024-03-15 20:10",
                    "dep_estimated_utc": "2024-03-15 12:10",
                    "dep_actual": "2024-03-15 20:10",
                    "dep_actual_utc": "2024-03-15 12:10",
                    "arr_iata": "URC",
                    "arr_icao": "ZWWW",
                    "arr_terminal": "3",
                    "arr_gate": null,
                    "arr_baggage": null,
                    "arr_time": "2024-03-15 23:55",
                    "arr_time_utc": "2024-03-15 15:55",
                    "arr_estimated": "2024-03-16 01:08",
                    "arr_estimated_utc": "2024-03-15 17:08",
                    "cs_airline_iata": null,
                    "cs_flight_number": null,
                    "cs_flight_iata": null,
                    "status": "active",
                    "duration": 285,
                    "delayed": 73,
                    "dep_delayed": 60,
                    "arr_delayed": 73,
                    "aircraft_icao": null,
                    "arr_time_ts": 1710518100,
                    "dep_time_ts": 1710501000,
                    "arr_estimated_ts": 1710522480,
                    "dep_estimated_ts": 1710504600,
                    "dep_actual_ts": 1710504600

API Response Objects:

Response Object Description
airline_iata Airline IATA code.
airline_icao Airline ICAO code.
flight_iata Flight IATA code-number.
flight_icao Flight ICAO code-number.
flight_number Flight number only.
dep_iata Departure airport IATA code.
dep_icao Departure airport ICAO code.
arr_iata Arrival airport IATA code.
arr_icao Arrival airport ICAO code.
duration Estimated flight time (in minutes).
delayed Estimated flight delay time (in minutes).
status Flight status - scheduled, cancelled, active, landed.
dep_terminal Departure terminal.
dep_gate Departure gate.
dep_time Departure time in local timezone.
dep_time_utc Departure time in UTC.
dep_estimated Estimated departure time in local timezone.
dep_estimated_utc Estimated departure time in UTC.
dep_actual Actual departure time in local timezone.
dep_actual_utc Actual departure time in UTC.
arr_terminal Arrival terminal.
arr_gate Arrival gate.
arr_baggage Baggage claim area.
arr_time Arrival time in local timezone.
arr_time_utc Arrival time in UTC.
arr_estimated Estimated arrival time in local timezone
arr_estimated_utc Estimated arrival time in UTC.
cs_airline_iata IATA code of the associated airline.
cs_flight_number Associated flight number.
cs_flight_iata IATA code of the associated flight.
dep_delayed Delay time in departure..
arr_delayed Delay time in arrival.
aircraft_icao Aircraft type in ICAO format.
arr_time_ts Timestamp of arrival
dep_time_ts Timestamp of departure.
arr_estimated_ts Timestamp of estimated arrival.
dep_estimated_ts Timestamp of estimated departure.
dep_actual_ts Timestamp of actual departure.