Flight Schedules API.

The API is capable of tracking flights and retrieving flight status information in real-time. In order to look up real-time information about one or multiple flights, you can use the API's flights endpoint together with optional parameters to filter your result set.

Example API Request For the departure schedule of a certain airport:

https://app.goflightlabs.com/advanced-flights-schedules? access_key=YOUR_ACCESS_KEY&iataCode=JFK&type=departure
Test endpoint

HTTP GET Request Parameters:

Object Description
access_key required Your API access key, which can be found in your account dashboard.
iataCode required Specify the Airport IATA code you would like to request, based on the selected “Type” (departure or arrival).
type optional Flight type, either "departure" or "arrival". If not specified, it will default to "arrival".
airline_iata optional IATA code of airline
airline_icao optional ICAO code of airline
flight_iata optional The flight iata number consisting of digits and letters, usually of the airline iata code. For example: AA171
flight_icao optional The flight icao number consisting of digits and letters, usually the airline icao code. For example: AAL171

Example API Response:

                            "success": true,
                            "type": "departure",
                            "data": [
                                    "airline_iata": "BW",
                                    "airline_icao": "BWA",
                                    "flight_iata": "BW521",
                                    "flight_icao": "BWA521",
                                    "flight_number": "521",
                                    "dep_iata": "JFK",
                                    "dep_icao": "KJFK",
                                    "dep_terminal": "4",
                                    "dep_gate": null,
                                    "dep_time": "2024-03-12 07:30",
                                    "dep_time_utc": "2024-03-12 11:30",
                                    "dep_estimated": "2024-03-12 07:03",
                                    "dep_estimated_utc": "2024-03-12 11:03",
                                    "dep_actual": "2024-03-12 07:03",
                                    "dep_actual_utc": "2024-03-12 11:03",
                                    "arr_iata": "POS",
                                    "arr_icao": "TTPP",
                                    "arr_terminal": null,
                                    "arr_gate": null,
                                    "arr_baggage": null,
                                    "arr_time": "2024-03-12 12:30",
                                    "arr_time_utc": "2024-03-12 16:30",
                                    "arr_estimated": "2024-03-12 12:10",
                                    "arr_estimated_utc": "2024-03-12 16:10",
                                    "cs_airline_iata": null,
                                    "cs_flight_number": null,
                                    "cs_flight_iata": null,
                                    "status": "active",
                                    "duration": 300,
                                    "delayed": null,
                                    "dep_delayed": null,
                                    "arr_delayed": null,
                                    "aircraft_icao": null,
                                    "arr_time_ts": 1710261000,
                                    "dep_time_ts": 1710243000,
                                    "arr_estimated_ts": 1710259800,
                                    "dep_estimated_ts": 1710241380,
                                    "dep_actual_ts": 1710241380
                                { ... },

API Response Objects:

Response Object Description
airline_iata Airline IATA code.
airline_icao Airline ICAO code.
flight_iata Flight IATA code-number.
flight_icao Flight ICAO code-number.
flight_number Flight number only.
dep_iata Departure airport IATA code.
dep_icao Departure airport ICAO code.
dep_terminal Estimated departure terminal.
dep_gate Estimated departure gate
dep_time Departure time in the airport time zone.
dep_time_utc Departure time in UTC time zone
dep_estimated Updated departure time in the airport time zone.
dep_estimated_utc Updated departure time in UTC time zone.
dep_actual Actual departure time in the airport time zone.
dep_actual_utc Actual departure time in UTC time zone.
arr_iata Arrival airport IATA code.
arr_icao Arrival airport ICAO code.
arr_terminal Estimated arrival terminal.
arr_gate Estimated arrival gate.
arr_baggage Arrival baggage claim carousel number.
arr_time Arrival time in the airport time zone.
arr_time_utc Arrival time in UTC time zone.
arr_estimated Updated arrival time in the airport time zone.
arr_estimated_utc Updated arrival time in UTC time zone.
cs_airline_iata Codeshared airline IATA code.
cs_flight_number Codeshared flight number.
cs_flight_iata Codeshared flight IATA code-number.
status Flight status - scheduled, cancelled, active, landed.
duration Estimated flight time (in minutes).
delayed (Deprecated) Estimated flight delay time (in minutes).
dep_delayed Estimated time of flight departure delay (in minutes).
arr_delayed Estimated time of flight arrival delay (in minutes).
aircraft_icao Aircraft ICAO code.
arr_time_ts Arrival UNIX timestamp.
dep_time_ts Departure UNIX timestamp.
arr_estimated_ts Updated arrival UNIX timestamp.
dep_estimated_ts Updated departure UNIX timestamp.
dep_actual_ts Actual departure UNIX timestamp.