Flights with CallSign API

Receive all the flights in the course right now. Receive IATA codes, current position, speed, heading, departure and arrival airports, and callsign.

Example API Request: access_key=YOUR_ACCESS_KEY
Test endpoint

HTTP GET Request Parameters:

Parameter Description
access_key required Your API access key, which can be found in your account dashboard.
callsign optional Unique identifier assigned to an aircraft during its flight.
airline_icao optional Airline ICAO code.

Example API Response:

        "success": true,
        "data": [
                "latitude": 44.7707,
                "longitude": 8.7618,
                "id": "344c237f",
                "icao_24bit": "105065CC",
                "heading": 0,
                "altitude": 0,
                "ground_speed": 1,
                "squawk": "",
                "aircraft_code": "TRIN",
                "registration": "I-E204",
                "time": 1710249326,
                "origin_airport_iata": "",
                "destination_airport_iata": "",
                "number": "",
                "airline_iata": "",
                "on_ground": 1,
                "vertical_speed": 0,
                "callsign": "IE204",
                "airline_icao": ""
            { ... },

API Response Objects:

Response Object Description
id Return the ID of the flight in the JSON response. This ID is unique for every flight in the response.
icao_24bit Return the unique 24-bit identifier of the aircraft concerned.
latitude Return the latitude position of the aircraft.
longitude Return the longitude position of the aircraft.
heading Return the direction on which the aircraft is heading.
altitude Return the distance to the ground in Meters.
ground_speed Return the ground speed expressed in knots.
squawk Return the squawk codes used by air traffic control (ATC) to identify aircraft.
aircraft_code An aircraft registration code unique to a single aircraft.
registration An aircraft registration code unique to a single aircraft.
time Return the UNIX timestamp for when the information is given.
origin_airport_iata Return the IATA code of the departure airport.
destination_airport_iata Return the IATA code of the arrival airport.
number Return the flight number.
airline_iata Return the IATA code of the airline.
on_ground Result "0" if the plane is flying. Result "1" if the plane is on the ground.
vertical_speed Return the vertical speed expressed in knots.
callsign A callsign is like an airplane's name during a particular flight.
airline_icao Return the ICAO code of the airline.