Airlines Routes API

The API is capable of providing data about airline routes, updated every 24 hours. In order to get airline route data, use the Airline Routes endpoint along with a series of optional parameters to filter results.

Example API Request: access_key=YOUR_ACCESS_KEY&dep_iata=LAX
Test endpoint

HTTP GET Request Parameters:

Parameter Description
access_key required Your API access key, which can be found in your account dashboard.
dep_iata required Departure airport IATA code filter.
dep_icao required Departure airport ICAO code filter.
arr_iata required Arrival airport IATA code filter.
arr_icao required Arrival airport ICAO code filter.
airline_icao required Airline ICAO code filter.
airline_iata required Airline IATA code filter.
flight_icao optional Flight ICAO code-number filter.
flight_iata optional Flight IATA code-number filter.
flight_number optional Flight number filter only.
_fields optional Fields to return (comma-separated, e.g., airline_iata, flight_number).
limit optional Maximum number of rows is 500.
offset optional Pagination offset for result limitss (0+ until request.has_more)

Example API Response:

                "success": true,
                "data": [
                    "airline_iata": "AA",
                    "airline_icao": "AAL",
                    "flight_number": "3206",
                    "flight_iata": "AA3206",
                    "flight_icao": "AAL3206",
                    "cs_airline_iata": "OO",
                    "cs_flight_iata": "OO3206",
                    "cs_flight_number": "3206",
                    "dep_iata": "LAX",
                    "dep_icao": "KLAX",
                    "dep_terminals": [
                    "dep_time": "15:34",
                    "dep_time_utc": "23:34",
                    "arr_iata": "ABQ",
                    "arr_icao": "KABQ",
                    "arr_terminals": null,
                    "arr_time": "18:25",
                    "arr_time_utc": "01:25",
                    "duration": 111,
                    "aircraft_icao": null,
                    "counter": 1545,
                    "updated": "2024-03-09T16:58:51.000Z",
                    "days": [
                  { ... },

API Response Objects:

Response Object Description
airline_iata Airline IATA code.
airline_icao Airline ICAO code.
flight_number Flight number only.
flight_iata Flight IATA code-number.
flight_icao Flight ICAO code-number.
cs_airline_iata Codeshared airline IATA code.
cs_flight_iata Codeshared flight IATA code-number.
cs_flight_number Codeshared flight number.
dep_iata Departure airport IATA code.
dep_icao Departure airport ICAO code.
dep_terminals Estimated departure terminals.
dep_time Departure time in the airport time zone.
dep_time_utc Departure time in UTC time zone.
arr_iata Arrival airport IATA code.
arr_icao Arrival airport ICAO code.
arr_terminals Estimated arrival terminals.
arr_time Arrival time in the airport time zone.
arr_time_utc Arrival time in UTC time zone.
duration Estimated flight time (in minutes).
aircraft_icao Aircraft ICAO type.
counter A numerical counter.
updated Timestamp of the last update.
days List of days when the flight operates (e.g., ["fri", "sat"]).