Flight Info by Flight Number API

This endpoint is capable of bringing real-time information about a specific flight in the world and retrieving flight status information in real time.

Example API Request With Flight Number Parameter:

https://app.goflightlabs.com/flight? access_key=YOUR_ACCESS_KEY&flight_number=3o375
Test endpoint

HTTP GET Request Parameters:

Parameter Description
access_key required Your API access key, which can be found in your account dashboard.
flight_number required Flight Number. For example 3o375

Example API Response:

                "success": true,
                "data": [
                        "DATE": "20 Mar 2024",
                        "FROM": "Nador (NDR)",
                        "TO": "Barcelona (BCN)",
                        "AIRCRAFT": "320",
                        "FLIGHT TIME": "—",
                        "STD": "15:45",
                        "ATD": "—",
                        "STA": "18:25",
                        "STATUS": "Scheduled"
                    { ... },

API Response Objects:

Response Object Description
DATE Date of the flight, formatted as "DD Mon YYYY" (e.g., "20 Mar 2024").
FROM Departure location, including IATA code (e.g., "Nador (NDR)").
TO Arrival location, including IATA code (e.g., "Barcelona (BCN)").
AIRCRAFT Aircraft type or model (e.g., "320").
FLIGHT TIME Duration of the flight. Displayed as "—" if not available.
STD (Scheduled Departure Time) Scheduled departure time in "HH:mm" format (e.g., "15:45").
ATD (Actual Departure Time) Actual departure time. Displayed as "—" if not available.
STA (Scheduled Arrival Time) Scheduled arrival time in "HH:mm" format (e.g., "18:25").
STATUS Flight status (e.g., "Scheduled").