Historical Flights API

Apart from providing data about real-time flight, the API's flights endpoint is also capable of looking up data about historical flights.

Example API Call:

https://app.goflightlabs.com/historical? access_key=YOUR_ACCESS_KEY& code=LGA&date_to=2023-10-04T20:00& date_from=2023-10-04T08:00&type=departure
Test endpoint

HTTP GET Request Parameters:

Object Description
access_key required Your API access key, which can be found in your account dashboard.
code required Airport IATA code. This field will filter the results based on the Departure or Arrival Airport IATA Code, depending on the selected "type".
type required Either "departure" or "arrival" as both within the same query is not possible.
date_from required Beggining of the search range (local time, format:YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM).
date_to required End of the search range (local time, format:YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM). Must be more than beggining of the search range by no more than 12 hours.
dep_iataCode optional Filter by departure airport if "arrival" for "&type=" was chosen, based on the airport IATA code.
arr_iataCode optional Filter your results by arrival airport if "departure" for "&type=" was chosen, based on the airport IATA code.
airline_iata optional Option to filter airline based on airline IATA code
flight_num optional Option to filter a specific flight based on its flight number. Example: 5703

Example API Response:

                        "status": 200,
                        "success": true,
                        "data": [
                                "movement": {
                                  "airport": {
                                    "name": "Omaha"
                                  "scheduledTime": {
                                    "utc": "2023-10-04 12:13Z",
                                    "local": "2023-10-04 08:13-04:00"
                                  "terminal": "C",
                                  "quality": [
                                "number": "DL 4094",
                                "status": "Unknown",
                                "codeshareStatus": "Unknown",
                                "isCargo": false,
                                "aircraft": {
                                  "model": "Bombardier CRJ900"
                                "airline": {
                                  "name": "Delta Air Lines",
                                  "iata": "DL",
                                  "icao": "DAL"

API Response Objects:

Response Object Description
movement > airport > name The name of the airport.
movement > scheduledTime > utc The scheduled time in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
movement > scheduledTime > local The scheduled time in the local time zone.
movement > terminal The terminal of the flight.
movement > quality An array of quality characteristics of the data.
number The flight number.
status The status of the flight.
codeshareStatus The code-share status of the flight.
isCargo Indicates whether the flight is a cargo flight.
aircraft > model The model of the aircraft.
aircraft > name The name of the airline.
aircraft > iata The IATA code of the airline.
aircraft > icao The ICAO code of the airline.